What You Should Know About Invisalign

Invisalign is one of the most modern methods of orthodontic treatment. This uses a series of clear and removable teeth aligners. Its use is similar with that of the traditional metal braces – to straighten crooked teeth.

If you have one of the following dental conditions, you can qualify for an Invisalign:

  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Crossbite (Misalignment)
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbiting

Since the introduction of Invisalign in the medical field, it has continuously been compared to the traditional metal braces. They can be used based on the dental condition of the patient. If however, you are free to choose between the two, you can brainstorm over the factors that make these two dental tools different from one another.


  • In terms of budget. Invisalign are cheaper compared to metal braces.
  • Straightening the teeth. Metal braces are more effective because of the quick remedy. Invisalign has as much result except that it takes a longer time to have it maintained.
  • Eating methods. Because Invisalign can be removed, you can eat whatever you want. With metal braces, you are deprived of many food types.
  • Visibility. Braces may add and lessen one’s overall beauty. Invisalign simply makes the teeth appear whiter.
  • Brushing methods. Invisalign gives you the freedom to brush and floss your teeth. Braces do not.
  • Frequency of clinic visit. The frequency of visits to the dentist is almost the same for both methods. The only difference is in terms of delay.

Having an Invisalign can be of a few steps only.

  • Get an Invisalign provider. This dental service provider should be able to offer a balance between cost and quality. It is important that you talk to them first. They will discuss with you what your dental problems are, if Invisalign is applicable to you and the importance of dental remedy. This is very important, as the doctor you have selected is also the same person you will consult and will take care of the condition of your teeth all throughout the duration of your treatment.
  • Undergo dental procedures. On the initial visit, a model of your teeth will be taken through scanning into the computer.
  • Start over your treatment plan. Every patient will have his own unique treatment plan. It will be based on the condition of his teeth. You will receive a BPA-free plastic of which you will be asked to change within a period of time. You will be asked to wear it at least 20 hours a day. Depending on the duration of your treatment, but this will result to you having an all-new smile later on.

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How do you actually live with an Invisalign?

You might be wondering if it would be hard for you or a lot difficult than just using the traditional metal braces. Well, the answer is actually lies among the advantages of an Invisalign. It was designed to have minimal impact over that of metal braces. Invisalign is structured to be comfortable with the user. Here are the reasons why:

  • It does not slow you down. Invisalign is removable. Therefore, you get to floss your teeth as much as you are capable of. You will also be handed over a cleaning kit.
  • Normal eating habits. Remember with a metal brace? The first few days when it was installed makes you lose weight as you are deprived from eating. It is very painful. On top of that, you do not also deal with getting food stuck in your braces.
  • You can continue to engage in activities of your nature. Brackets are a hindrance to your regular movements. With Invisalign, you get to do whatever you want without worrying about getting your brackets hit.

What are the health benefits that you can get with an Invisalign?

You may be able to achieve the following health improvements with Invisalign.

  • Healthier dental condition. If you will not invest on orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign, you may develop swollen gums. This is a result of the dental problem that you have had. When your teeth achieve appropriate alignment, the gums are less likely to develop damage and they are more secure. The stronger the gums around the teeth are, the firmer are the defense mechanism to fight off harmful bacteria and the rest of the periodontal problems. Healthier dental condition is developed gradually. The progression of the betterment of your teeth is observed. This is because of the capacity of the Invisalign to gradually into proper position.
  • Cleaner teeth. With an Invisalign, you get to remove the food that is trapped in between teeth. Once your teeth have been properly aligned, you get the chance to clean it more smoothly. There are no more edges. No more uneven points. You have an easier way of removing food that is stuck to it.
  • Overall improved health condition. Your dental condition dictates your overall health condition as well. This is true both internally and externally. The external health condition can be observed by the cleanliness of your teeth when you converse with others. Internal health is your tendency to eliminate health problems because of poor dental health. For example, tooth decay and gum diseases if left untreated may cause ailments such as bad breath. Infections may be developed as well.

There it goes, it is now up to you to decide whether metal braces are still for you. You see, they are still used these days, continuously. If the following facts presented to you prove it to be appropriate for you, why not? After all, you will seek for medical aid prior to everything else. So the least you can do is have the best medical adviser, get into the best dental establishment that will provide you medical treatment in such manner that is as if they are taking care of their own.

The benefits you can get from an Invisalign are manifested not solely on a more magnificent smile. It is far beyond that. The health of the teeth is and gums are the health condition. Straight teeth are always part of the optimum health condition.

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Best Dentist In San Francisco – Painless Treatment To Reduce Anxiety

Are you one of the many people who are simply terrified about visiting a dentist? Dentists these days have a completely underserved reputation for causing pain; most people have had painful experiences in the dentist’s chair when they were younger and they have held on to the fear. The way to deal with this problem is to go to the best dentist in San Francisco who ensures painless treatment.

Painless dental treatment is offered by:

  1. Using the latest equipment: The newest drills enable dentists to clean out cavities Best Dentist In San Franciscoand conduct root canal surgeries without causing a lot of damage to surrounding tissues. Dentists also use laser treatments these days in order to cut through tissue or burn it in the most precise manner. The newer techniques and instruments enable the dental work to be completed in the shortest possible time and they also have the least recovery period.
  2. Offering the client the right pain medication: There are many anesthetic liquids, sprays and gels available to dentists which are very effective at dulling pain. Needless to say, a dentist should be able to use the right amount of medication for any particular patient, keeping in mind that each person has different tolerance for pain and anesthetics.

In addition, a good dentist always tried to get patients to relax by:

  1. Using anti-anxiety medications: These medications help calm patients who are too overwrought to even visit the clinic. They have to be taken in advance in order to enable the patient to come to the clinic and agree to undergo treatment.
  2. Making the clinic a stress-free place: This is a widely adopted practice because it helps to get patients to relax. Soothing music, indoor plants and a small water body with rippling water helps to soothe their nerves sufficiently.

The best dentist in San Francisco who offers a variety of the latest dental treatments in addition to ensuring that the experience is as painless as possible. If you get your dental treatment done by such a person then you will soon no longer be afraid of dentists. Therefore, you need to make sure that you spend the time and effort to look for the best possible dental clinic; get recommendations from other people if possible. Regular visits to the dentist will ensure that your teeth stay as healthy as possible since all problems will be identified and treated when they are still in their early stages.

San Francisco Dental Crowns – Are There Any Problems You Can Encounter?

Are you planning to visit a San Francisco dental crowns specialist in order to get caps fitted onto a tooth that needs to be hidden? Dental crowns are used to cover up teeth that are chipped or cracked badly or even ones that are misshapen or discolored. They are even used to fill a gap caused due to a missing tooth.

Dental crowns are indeed in great demand because they have many applications and alsoSan Francisco Dental Crowns because they are durable and cost effective (the cost depends on what material the crown is made of). However, it is important to know that you might also encounter certain problems on account of them. These problems generally indicate that the crown has not been fitted properly; you should therefore bring them to the attention of your dentist so that corrective steps can be taken.

The various problems associated with dental crowns include:

  1. Loose fit: This calls for an immediate visit to the dentist because it indicates that the cement that holds the crown in place has begun to fall out. If neglected, this can lead to tooth decay under the crown.
  2. Falls off altogether: This happens when the crown is not fitted onto the tooth properly. It can also happen because the cement washes away entirely. The dentist will fit it back on or make a new one that has a better fit
  3. Chipped or broken: If you bite down on hard substances or have the habit of grinding your teeth then your crown can fracture. If the problem is small then it can be solved with the help of special dental resin. If not, you will need a new crown
  4. Pain when you bite down: This occurs if the crown is not fitted properly on the tooth. A dentist can easily solve the problem by fitting it properly
  5. Improper bite: If the crown is higher than the surrounding teeth then you will feel odd when you bring your jaws together. The crown that sticks out will also cause the corresponding tooth on the other jaw to wear away faster. It will therefore have to be brought to the correct level.

These are all common problems and can also be solved easily as you can see. A good San Francisco dental crowns clinic will ensure that you get the best possible treatment (including follow up sessions) so that you are perfectly satisfied with your teeth.

San Francisco Dental Veneers – 4 Things Your Dentist Should Tell You

People who have discolored or uneven teeth need help from a good cosmetic dental San Francisco Dental Veneerssurgeon to hide their imperfections. If you want better looking teeth then you should visit a good San Francisco dental veneers specialist. However, there are a few things you should know before you start any course of treatment. If your dentist is a good one then he or she will take the time to explain in detail about dental veneers and exactly what they entail. As a matter of fact, the dentist ought to give you information about the following:

  1. How much will the veneers cost? Dental treatment has become very expensive these days and cosmetic procedures are even more so. Porcelain veneers are very expensive because they look the most natural. Resin veneers are reasonably good but most dentists recommend using them on teeth that are not very visible. If you have a good idea about how much the treatment will cost then you can take the right decision about it.
  2. How long will they last? Veneers generally last for a minimum of 5 years although you can get them to last for twice as much time if you take good care of them. Even so, you should avoid biting down on hard surfaces with your veneers.
  3. Is there any other procedure or product that will give the desired results? Crowns are cheaper to get than veneers. However, they do not have the natural look of well-made veneers. In addition, the dentist will have to remove quite a bit of the tooth in order to make place for the crown. Veneers, on the other hand, are very thin and so very little of the tooth has to be removed.
  4. Are there any disadvantages to having dental veneers? You should be prepared to experience some sensitivity of the tooth brought about by the loss of enamel. Also, the veneers cannot be repaired in case they get chipped; you’ll have to get new ones made all over again.

As you can see, there are quite a few things you have to consider before you get veneers fitted on to your teeth. However, a good San Francisco dental veneers specialist will give you all the information you need so that you can make an informed decision. If they are done properly then your dental veneers will make a remarkable improvement to your smile and to your overall appearance.

Dentist SF – What Information Should You Get Before Treatment?

One way to determine the best dentist SF has is on the basis of the information he or she offers. Many dentists do not like to part with information about any treatment they are offering and this leads to a lot of anxiety and confusion on the part of the patient. You’ll find that a dentist who offers information willingly is generally able to look after your teeth better as well.

There are a few things that you should always ask a dentist before you start any treatment plan, especially if it is lengthy and/or costly. These questions include:

  1. Why this particular treatment is being recommended over any other oneDentist SF
  2. What are its advantages and disadvantages, both in the short term and the long term
  3. What exactly does the treatment entail, including the level of discomfort you will have to deal with
  4. Are there any other treatment methods that can be taken in its place
  5. How much will it cost (and will your insurance company pay for it,  in part or entirely)

The answers to these questions, if given in detail, should be sufficient in most circumstances. A really good dentist will take the trouble to explain things in language that a patient can understand instead of resorting to medical jargon. You will be able to make an informed decision, in conjunction with your dentist, regarding the treatment you are about to undergo.

Many dentists these days welcome questions from patients because this enables them to give the best possible service. They are well aware of the fact that patients have many options and will shift to any other suitable dentist SF offers if they do not like the service at their clinic. Keep in mind that word of mouth publicity is very valuable to a dentist and also that people these days expect a high degree of communication from medical professionals. A related and interesting trend is for dentists to provide detailed information about various procedures on their website or blog. The main reason for this is because patients now prefer to do a lot of research before agreeing to undergo a major procedure.

Even though patients are better informed these days than at any time in the past, it is still best to rely on the judgment of the dentist. If you still have doubts about any course of action then you should take the opinion of more than one dentist.